Guwahati-based Child Rights Agency to educate slum children

It has been seen in the past that a lot of NGOs have been working towards educating the slum kids. Guwahati-based child rights agency, Utsah, has now come with a programme known as Child Protection and Education programme. The programme was launched on Sunday.

Utsah is involved in a number of things and has been doing its best towards the welfare of the society. Utsah has done work for human rights, slum development, education, women empowerment, child development, health and sanitation, environment. Utsah works on different areas of society, mainly across the rural areas of Assam. In the past, NGO have come up with community-based child protection programme, aangan model, smile foundation education programme, and many such initiatives.

Recently, the NGO came up with another model for the upliftment of slum kids. Till now, the NGO has made sure that youth participates in all its initiatives as they believe that youth has the capability to bring major changes in the society.

The recently launched programme will focus on providing education to the slum kids and will also ensure that they are protected. In this project, the NGO is aiming to set up a non-formal education and protection centre in collaboration with an institute.

Miguel Das Queah, founder of Utsah, said, “The initiative will focus on out-of-school children and bring them to the mainstream to government schools. To be led by teachers Jaya Das Choudhary and Roohema Begum, this initiative will use innovative methods to motivate children to continue their education.”

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