Gujarati Businessman to fund education of Martyred Soldiers’ Kids

If charity begins at home, then no one can vindicate this statement better than Mahesh Savani, a businessman based out of Surat. In an act of insurmountable charity and benevolence, the diamond merchant, who also runs a chain of schools under the banner of PP Savani group has avowed to sponsor the educational and other expense of the children of the soldiers who were martyred in Uri when terrorists struck the Indian Army Brigade Headquarters near the Line of Control in a pre-dawn ambush.

Most of the soldiers slain in the brutal terrorist attacks belonged to 10 Dogra and 6 Bihar regiment.

Commenting upon his initiative, Mahesh Savani told media that, “I saw a girl of our Indian soldier crying on the television saying that her father had told her to study hard and become successful. At that very moment, I decided to sponsor the children of the martyrs killed in Uri attack.”

The trader who made his fortune in diamond business in Surat has gone so far as to even sponsor the hostel and accommodation fees for the children. He told the media that “Along with education, we will also provide the hostel and other accommodation to the children wanting to study with PP Savani International school.”

However, this is not the first time that the businessman has been in the news for an act of charity. His PP Savani group, which runs a chain of schools under the banner of PP Savani International school, has also been paying for the weddings of fatherless women in the city of Surat for several years. An initiative which he started in 2008, he spent around $750,000 on the weddings of 151 brides in Surat in his own school’s ground.

This act of charity of funding the education of children of the martyred soldiers has seen an outpour of emotions and frenzied activities on social media networks Facebook and Twitter since the announcement, in form of accolades from the general public.

In fact, other than congratulating him on his initiative, many have gone so far as to compare his magnanimity with other leading philanthropists of yesteryears and have congratulated the businessman for setting up a standard for others to follow.

The PP Savani group is involved in reality sector and chain of schools which operate in the state of Gujarat.

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