Gujarat ropes in Experts to address Students’ Education related issues

Bhupendasinh ChudasamaThe rising number of suicides by the school children’s had reached alarming proportions in the state of Gujarat. Gujarat Education Minister, Mr Bhupendrasinh Chudassama confirmed that his department had taken serious note on the rising number of suicide cases by school children. He assured that steps were taken to prevent suicides among school children. He also said that, sociologists and psychologists would be roped to understand the mindset of the school students who commit suicides after succumbing to stress.

The education minister expressed his unhappiness regarding the weak mentality present in the children and said that tolerance levels of the children had fallen. He also said that, earlier it was not like this and students were bold enough to withstand the failures. He also said that the trend regarding suicides in school children were alarming and needed to be sorted out quickly.

The minister was also of the view that, sociologists and psychologists would be able to give their suggestions regarding the issue and they would be able to come out with steps to stop this. He also said that, these sociologists and psychologists would be able to read the minds of the school children in much better way. The education minister also touched upon the lack of job oriented subjects on the higher education level.

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Mr Bhupendrasinh Chudassama also spoke about the changes around that resulted in employment opportunities.  He also said that human needs have increased many times and this had resulted in the more usage of mobile phones etc. He further added that, courses like repairing of mobiles etc were very few and were the need of the hour. The minister also praised about the start ups by the youngsters that provided good employment.

He was also of the opinion that, the present youngsters must be trained in that direction and must be encouraged, so that their innovations would be converted to business. He lastly said that, he had invited Vice chancellors of all universities, private universities to discuss these problems and revealed that these experts feedback would play important part to decide future course of action.

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