Gujarat making way for India’s First Railway University

India’s first railway university will be set up in Vadodara, said the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM Modi was recently present at the Vadodara for the inaugural of the country’s second green airport – Vadodara International Airport. The terminal has been built at a cost of Rs. 160 crore. The first green airport is at Kochi. This was Modi’s first visit to Vadodara since he became the Prime Minister in the year 2014.

PM Modi said, “After, you gave the responsibility as Prime Minister within a short period we had taken up two important works including one to increase the height of Sardar Sarovar dam for which Gujarat was struggling since last five decades. Secondly, in June-July 2014, we started work for construction of the new airport and I am happy that after the new government took over, two airports have become part of the green movement.”

The announcement of establishing India’s first railway university was made by the minister of state for railways Manoj Sinha earlier this year. He also said that government is still deciding on the area of the land of this university. He said, “The present campus for National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR), Vadodara, (at Pratap Vilas Palace) will be initially used to start the railway university. After the land acquisition, a full-fledged university will be started here.”

Emphasising on the need of the Railway University, Modi said, “The government has taken a very important decision whose impact will be felt for nearly 100 years. And the decision is that country’s first railway university will be constructed in Vadodara.”

He also said that this university will help in coming up with some innovative and modern techniques that will help in the development and the growth of the railways.

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