Gujarat govt tells Educational Institutions to mark presence on Social Media

The state government of Gujarat has told all the colleges across the State to mark their presence in the social media and also link those profiles with the department of education. For this, the colleges will be needing a responsible person and someone who knows how to operate social media and will be able to create a social media profile for them.

The government has also instructed the colleges to start looking for someone who will take care of the social media profile and will also be responsible if something controversial is posted on the profile. The State education department already has a page up on social media. And, after the creation of these pages, all of them will be used to inform and educate the students about the department and the government.

In the realm of this, the education department will have to make sure that all the students are aware of the page and they do follow the same regularly. It will help and benefit all the students to keep themselves updated.

The colleges will have to update circulars and other notifications on their respective social media profiles, the same will be followed by the education department. The main objective aims to connect all the students and educational institutions at one platform.

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