Gujarat govt Is Having Second Thoughts on That Disputed GSHEC Bill

gshec education billThe Gujarat State Higher Education Council (GSHEC) has been under reconsideration to minimize enmity among academic and administrative staffs. It is supposed that if this bill would have passed then there will be no power remaining with vice chancellors of the universities, as all the power will go in the hand of the state government.

Seeking the help of academicians, the chairman of the committee invited professor H C Dholakia, former member of Law Commission of India and former dean of MSU’s Faculty of Law and the second dignitary was professor K C Mehta, former pro-vice chancellor and former dean of MSU’s faculty of commerce. In the meeting, their views were taken about the amendments that are required to be mentioned in the bill.

Professor Mehta applauded this step of government and said this bill will improve the higher education in the state. Also, both the professor has made some suggestion to bring the changes in the existing bill. They suggested that the government should appoint the head academic from the panel of nominations received by the chairman of UGC, chairman of Indian Council of Social Science Research and Indian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

Earlier two months ago, this bill which was passed in the absence of opposition Congress Members faced a strict protest from the academic and administrative staffs of different universities. The employees claimed that the bill aims to fulfill the agenda of the Common Universities Act which couldn’t succeed. Also, some opposition members said that the Act is meant to ‘Saffronize’ the universities.

Now, it seems that this bill is about to get passed with some changes as suggested by the leading academicians of Gujarat. Also to maintain the power of Vice Chancellors, it has been suggested to give the senior academic position to them. And to maintain the education department free from political influence, suggestions were made to remove all the ministers from the governing council except the education minister.

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