Gujarat education department radars faulty evaluators in board exams

A mistake is somewhat tolerable, an ‘intentional’ mistake is out of the ambit of forgiveness. A case of intentional mistake came forward in the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) where around 370 evaluators have been found to do the same type of mistake during evaluating examination papers.

The education department has tried to minimize this happening after facing the same problem last year. A policy has made to select those evaluators whose records for such evaluation have not been reported in earlier years. However, this didn’t work either.

As reported by GSHSEB, the evaluators have made such type of mistakes which is not fair from any frame of reference to all students. Even though some nominal mistakes like the difference of 1 or 2 marks in totaling were ignored, the number of faulty evaluators has been high around 370. All the accused evaluators were found doing blunders like some answers or its portions were left unchecked, checked repetitive answers thus giving more marks, wrong totaling with huge differences.

More saddening than this is that the boards have no powers to act strictly against these evaluators. At most, the board can impose a fine of 100 or a maximum of 500 rupees for an error of 10 marks in the evaluation.

Clearly, this penalty can be measured as an iota when it comes to the importance of marks. Sometimes a single mark changes the destiny of a student. Hence, these misdeeds shouldn’t go unnoticed this time. A proper law should be promulgated regarding this to make GSHSEB more transparent.

However, a notice has been sent to faulty evaluators for a hearing in the last week of September. The next procedure to rectify this problem would be confirmed later once the hearing process has been completed.

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