Gujarat education board finding ways to reduce weight of schoolbags

In our daily lives we often come across students and their parents complaining about the heavy school bags children have to carry. If children are to be believed then they are of the opinion that the weight of school bags keep on increasing with each passing day. However, Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) has now taken a stand to come out with ways and means to reduce the burden on kids of Class 9 to 12. These children feel bogged down because of heavy load they have to carry every day to school inclusive of books, tiffin box, water bottle and other necessary items.

gseb to reduce school bags weight

Recently during the academic committee meeting of GSEB, in an effort to make school bags lighter it was suggested that a research should be conducted so as to assess the problem and find ways to reduce burden of schoolbags. Earlier Union HRD minister Smriti Irani asked central and state boards to make way for tablets instead of textbooks and notebooks to reduce burden of heavy school bags. Further she also asked to upload study materials on website keeping in mind the Digital India mission of PM Narendra Modi.

After the announcement made by HRD minister, central board of secondary education (CBSE) has already kick-started with surveys to come out with a solution for reducing the burden on the school children. CBSE formed a panel in respect of the same and till date it has received somewhere around 40-odd suggestions. One such suggestion is that teachers should make this a regular habit to check bags of students to stop them from carrying unnecessary things. Another suggestion was that students instead of heavy fancy bags should start carrying light weighted polymer bags.

Other members presented in meeting laid their emphasis on the need to reduce schoolbag burden for students of primary classes too. As of now, the prescribed weight for school bag is 1,800 gms to 3,425 gms for children from classes I to VIII.

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As per the statements, “the academic committee will seek opinion of academicians, parents and students on whether selection of science, commerce or arts stream should be done from class 10 itself.” From the sources it has been revealed that the same was practiced in past and board wants to revert back to old system. Currently, CBSE offers selection of stream from class XI.

Earlier in April, a committee appointed by Maharashtra government stated that a majority of school students are suffering from muscle pain and are falling sick due to heavy bags. Further in the meeting it was said schools bags of ICSE and CBSE students were heavier than that of state board students.

This is a healthy initiative and government should soon come out with solutions which are most effective and are accepted by everybody.

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