Govt to interrogate Delhi Schools on their assets, fee structure, admissions and teacher’s qualifications

Some of the renowned private schools of Delhi might soon be under the radar. These schools will now be facing the difficult time as Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani and her team will be conducting interrogations on their assets, fee structures, admission procedures and the qualifications of the teachers.

The HRD Ministry led by Smriti Irani is toiling day and night to bring more and more transparency in the Education System of India by asking all the government and private institutions to make some mandatory disclosures so that they soon introduce Student friendly measures.

The bill will feature the following 5 proposals:

  • Institutions will be asked to disclose their fee structure on their websites
  • Notification regarding the admission should be displayed well before time
  • Reveal the assets of the school
  • Teacher’s qualification should be intimated to the Ministry
  • Schools will not be allowed to charge the full fees from the students in case somebody seeks admission before the end of the season

An official, on the condition of anonymity, told Economic Times, “We are working on a legislation to check malpractices across schools. The idea is to check unduly inflated fees…we do not intend to regulate fees, but push for greater transparency through full disclosure of fees, teachers’ qualifications, assets and activities. We will take into account the views of all stakeholders and private schools and will soon start discussions.”

The new law will also intend to prevent schools from forcibly dismissing or terminating the students from the school on the basis of the academic performance. The provision has been introduced because termination on poor academic performance affects the student in lot many ways in future. The bill also looks forward to make provision of billing system mandatory which means for all the payments made by parents to the schools a bill should be given which will automatically solve the issue of donation. The qualifications of the teachers are required to be disclosed so as to make sure that whether these institutions have really hired qualified personnel’s or not. A law will also be introduced which will feature standard qualifications for hiring teachers.

The pre-schools and pre-primary schools located in Delhi which have been established on the land offered by the Delhi government have been asked to submit a Report within two weeks featuring the number of admission taken by them in the last three years. If in case they failed to submit it within the stipulated time it might lead to cancellation of their lease deals.

Earlier in the year 2011 also the same issues were raised by the UPA Government but no action was taken. Even former HRD Minister Kapil Sibal proposed initiatives to keep a check on the “unfair practices” in the Education System but his emphasis was completely over the higher education.

Education is subject matter of states also, so Smriti Irani would require an acceptance from the respective states for the bill. However, in the name sake of providing transparency to the Education System of India the bill should not interfere in the day to day working or business of the schools.

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