Govt launches initiative ‘SEHAT’ to avail Telehealth services

“SEHAT” will connect 60,000 common service centres across the country to a common network and provide healthcare access to people in any geographical location or connectivity.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad launched the initiative at a press event accompanied by Dr Prathap C Reddy, Shri Rakesh Garg and several other officials.

SEHAT telemedicine service launch event
Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad launches telemedicine service SEHAT at an event

Social Endeavour for Health And Telemedicine popularly known as “SEHAT” a latest health and IT initiative has been flagged off by the government of India in association with Apollo Hospitals and The department of electronics and Information Technology. In this all new initiative of the Central government citizens can avail the Medical Services online. Apollo Hospitals have been partnered with so as to provide Medical services and the DietY to provide the infrastructure for this launch.

The unique initiative for healthcare in India has been launched with an aim to provide healthcare facilities in rural areas. People will be able to communicate with doctors of Apollo Hospitals online and also order generic drugs.

A memorandum of Understanding will soon be signed between Apollo and Medanta and the Government of India which will feature in detail the tele-consultation services. With an aim to establish one CSC in every panchayat Government has launched this initiative so that all people in rural areas of India avails this facility. Likewise e-Saathi was introduced earlier by the government to educate the Indian household women about the Internet on a cycle, this initiative has also been taken keeping in mind that the villagers are taught how to operate Internet.

Education and Medication are the two facilities which are really absent in the Rural India. The CSC will surely bring about a change if all the things went on without any hurdles and obstacles as it will act as a catalyst by providing both education and medication to the neglected rural population of India.

Though it is 21st century yet many people of India especially those residing in Rural India still believes that “education” and “medication” are bhagya (luck) though it is their hak (right). Many villages in India till date has no provision even of the basic necessities as more and more rural people have left their homes and migrated to cities for better job opportunities. All left in villages is abandoned hollows

Adding more light towards the all new initiative, Ravi Shankar Prasad who is minister of DietY said, “The digitalization initiative of the government is to build a truly inclusive and enlightened India. The unique initiative for healthcare in India, ‘SEHAT’, launched today is an initiative in furtherance to government’s commitment to empower rural citizens in having access to information, knowledge, skills and other services in various sectors through the intervention of digital technologies and fulfilling the vision of a Digital India”.

The initiative might be looking very easy and simple on the paper but in real terms it is very complicated, tough and complex. There are always two sides of the same coin. Surely the question will come up in the future on the qualities of services provided because Internet is the mediator between doctor and the patient. How the doctor will come to know about the exact position of the patient without physically examining him/her. Sometimes the situations are such when doctors too feel like meeting the patients physically. What will happen then? Another backdraw is the lack of personal attendance of the doctor’s available Online always.

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