Government to keep check on matrimonial sites with strict guidelines

The government is all set to impose strict regulations on matrimonial sites. The government fears that these matrimonial sites might soon start working like dating sites. For this to not happen, the government is coming up with some rules and regulations for the matrimonial sites. Off late, it has also been seen that the matrimonial sites are being misused a lot, for the same reason the Centre has decided to make it compulsory for the sites to authenticate the users and soon they will have to submit the true copies of their documents. All the documents will be uploaded on the matrimonial site which includes the identity and address proof of users.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister of Communications and Information Technology has approved an advisory on the functioning of the matrimonial sites. This advisory will give the details based on the rules that are to be followed by the matrimonial sites. This will also help in making sure that there are no fake IDs on the sites. He said, “Matrimonial websites are intermediary under section 2 of Information Technology Act and they are mandated to follow IT Act.”

The advisory wants all the users to enter their details and then confirm that all the information entered by them is correct and only then they will be able to join the platform. According to the Information Technology Act, the government has the right to direct all these websites and they will have to implement these guidelines. Once the advisory decides on what all rules they need to implement, then only all the sites will have to put up the list on the matrimony website.

This has become necessary to save all people from getting wrong information about other person. A separate category will be created by the Internet Service Providers so that they are able to keep a track on what all is to be posted on the website. It will, at the same time ensure that no objectionable photos are posted on the website. Also the IP address of the person who has made an account on the website will also be tracked.

Ravi Prasad Shankar also said, “We have approved the standards to check the cheating on such websites, women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi was actively pursuing the matter, since it was related to IT acts our ministry approved it today.”

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