Government Launches New Education Policy NEP

NEW EDUCATION POLICY( NEP) is a policy which was adopted by the Government of India early this year. It helps in promoting education among the people of India.This policy covers Elementary education to colleges. It covers the colleges of both the urban and rural areas.

New Education Policy helps in attaining the following:-

1)Primary Education of children upto the age of 14 years.
2)Improving the level of the education.
3)And reviving Sanskrit Language, and other classical languages which has lost it’s importance in the coming years.
4)Making education available to all.

To remove the problem of illiteracy from our country both from rural and urban areas, various measures has been taken by the Government of India. And various steps and measures has been taken by our government to mordernise the education policy of India both in schools and colleges. New policies has been adopted by the Indian Government from time to time to improve our education level. Compulsory education for children upto the age of 14 years has been adopted by the Govt. of India. Various Improvements in Science and Technology has done from time to time.

In order to achieve national integration, equal opportunities for education for one and all in the country India, has been adopted by the govt. of India. Better training and qualification should be owned by the teachers of India. A common language for all Indians which is Hindi, but earlier it proved controversial.
And thus Hindi became the national language.

NEP(NEW EDUCATION POLICY) also helps in educating women especially those belonging to SC/ST categories and improving the standards of the women belonging to rural areas of India. NEP (NEW EDUCATION POLICY) helps in conducting exams on all India basis which helps in giving entry to technical and professional institutions.This helps in maintaining the standards of education programmes in India professionally.

NEP(NEW EDUCATION POLICY) helps in reducing the disparities by making education opportunities available for all and it reduces the physical and mental and financial of students as well as their parents. English was made the official language and used in all colleges and schools as medium of communication and exams are also conducted in the same language . And Hindi became National Language.

Common language in the country helps in bringing unity in the country .And it is also considered as an important part of Indian Culture and heritage. So, at last we can say that the measures taken by the government of India to enhance and upgrade the education level of India is very beneficial for the people of India.

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