People are the real victims

cost inflationThe last couple of years, we discussed haraamzada, beef ban, culture, CBI raid on CMs office, JNU, and Art of Living. I am confused as to who the victim is? Is it the Congress led UPA- opposition which caught a dummy thrown by the govt? Or is it the BJP led government which keeps scoring own goal and plays victim?

The real failure that opposition should have nailed and driven hard is in the failed promises – oil@25, Rupee@35 vs USD, Pulses@200, return of black money of USD 600 billion, jail to the corrupt, job creation @10million jobs/year, personal income tax exemption up to 5 lacs, tax terrorism and many such real issues. And no one seems to discuss them at all. Deafening silence. Deathly silence. Sannaata!

While they both decide who the victim is, we the people are the real victims.

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