HRD Ministry and government keen to follow its flagship scheme “Mid Day Meal” for school education

Government of India organizes the mid day meals at the schools in order to bring in more number of students that would help to spread education. The program supplies free lunches for the primary and the upper primary classes in the Government as well as the Government aided schools. Ministry of HRD even comes out with the Flagship schemes that would even include the mid day meals for the schools.

mid day meal in schools
Government to strengthen its “Mid day meals” scheme at school

The mid day meal program would cover a total volume of 10.33 crore children helping them to explore the real values of education. Also special training centers would be set up to detect the number of out of school children. It would help to make the society aware of the importance to send the children to schools. Under 14th finance commission, the Central Government has even increased the revenue by 42% for the States. Hence, it would become useful to bring in the scheme in real time that’s helpful to show the students the true ways to manage the desired position. Earlier the fund was raised by 32% but the present situation gives the better opportunities to come out of the difficulties. However, a guideline has been issued that reveals the features about quality control and safety measures for the MDM program. The schools need to follow the detailed features ensuring that the procedure is being followed according to the rules and regulations as mentioned by the Government of India.

All the states all over India are suggested to maintain the good practices that would incorporate the positive features about education. Moreover, the Tithi Bhojon is another good thing that would help the schools to get more number of students who would become eager to learn. Alongside, the Central Government organizes an additional fund of Rs. 466.70 crores that would help the states to fight the difficult situation during drought.

The MDM scheme from Central Government even proposes to provide the mid day meals during the summer vacations also. So, the children would have to suffer from hunger that may come as a barrier while studying.
Therefore, it enhances the social as well as the academic achievements of the country helping the children to go ahead. In this direction, India can develop a better future with educations reaching every corner of the country.

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