Google rolls out new education tools to help teachers across the globe

google launches new tools for educationOn Monday, an announcement was made by Google according to which they are coming up with a set of new tools for the teachers. With the help of these tools, Google is trying to be present in each and every classroom across the globe. A new feature known as Quizzes will be launched by Google, including some of the important features in Google forms, a Google cast for educating students and also an app that will act like a projector in the classroom.

Besides that, the internet giant is also making its own virtual reality application which is known as Google expeditions and this one will be widely available to all. Also, all the tools that the Google is rolling out are free. Although, Google has gained a lot initially from a lot of resources as it is also an education platform. It has also been seen that around 10 million students and teachers are using Chromebooks for any information they may want to seek. It is because of this reason that Google has been able to keep up its sales despite the PC market is not doing quite well now.

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Google has been working closely with all the educators in coming up with such tools. After hearing a lot from the teachers about the need of projectors in a classroom while teaching the students, Google has decided to come up with Google Cast for Education in beta. It has been seen that the teachers are willing to explain a lot of things to the students and because of some reason or the other, students are not able to gain much because of the problems in the projector. This tools by Google will surely solve those problems.

Chrome product manager, Max Kirsch said, “In talking to teachers about what they want for their projectors, what they told us is they don’t need another device.” In response, it builds the Cast for Education app, enabling teachers to share their screens wirelessly. It works with Google Classroom, making it easy for students to use it to share their own screens as well. And because all sharing with the app is account based, it doesn’t matter what network is being used, which is helpful for classrooms with multiple networks.

With the help of quizzes, auto grade option will help teachers a lot. Students, at the same time also get feedback from the teachers and more and more information is also provided to the students.

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