Google India: Hindi content consumption on internet grows exponentially

hindi consumption on internet is increasing
Google India has confirmed the report stating Hindi consumption on internet is increasing

Recently, the news that Google, one of world’s popular search engine, is planning to expand the usage of Maps and Search in other Indian languages like Hindi etc, has been the talk of the town. It is well known that Google is used by the people of tier 1 and tier 2 towns. So for the benefit of these people, Google wants to expand its usage. It is estimated that there are 500 million people who speak Hindi and just 100,000 Wikipedia articles, so the scope is very much.

Google India Marketing Director Sandeep Menon said, “In the year 2011, there were only 100 million people who used internet. But now there are 300 million users and that figure would rise to 500 million in 2017. Language Hindi was so preferred and common that one in five person (20%) access internet in Hindi only. America based Google was of the view that, there is strong growth in the consumption of Hindi language.

Mr Sandeep Menon added that Google newly launched instant translation feature that helped the users to translate printed texts by opening the apps on smartphones.

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Mr Sandeep Menon was also of the view that, mobile phones contributed towards the growth of internet and he said that from 20 million users in 2011 accessing internet by their smartphones, it had risen to 152 million users now. He also predicted that in 2017, 490 million people would access internet through their smartphones. He further said that, Google is aimed at bringing in products as per the needs of the users instead of just catering to their demands. He said that usage of internet in low network places would be possible.

Mr Menon also gave some examples of new products such as voice search upgraded for English in Indian accent and in Hindi so that answers could be got at more easier way at rapid speeds. He also spoke about other products such as  ability to save Maps or You Tube offline, to enable users to access internet services in irregular networks or without huge charges being taken from the users etc.

Recently, it had been announced that Google would build its campus at Hyderabad and also cover the city for Google street view, a feature of Google Maps to be implemented for the first time in India.

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