Google to launch Chromebooks For Indian Students To Strengthen Education

Finally, the good news is being divulged that the new Chromebook is available in India at the price that’s mentioned above. The Chormebook would be available at Snapdeal and at Amazon India.

Google in partnership with the companies like Xolo and Nexian comes up with the new Chromebooks within a budget of Rs, 12,999. Google is also on the way to release the Asus Chromebook Flip C 201 and a model from Samsung that would become available by the end of this year.

Google also launched the Chromebook stuffed with the exclusive advanced features especially designed for business purpose. One can carry out a video meeting and manifold other things that would help to strengthen the business deals. The particular model from Asus in partnership with Google would turn out with a price of Rs, 90,000.
The specifications are as follows:

11.6 inch TFT display with 1366*768P resolution
16GB internal storage along with 2GB DDR3 RAM
Battery backup up to 8 hours powered with a 4200mAh battery
HDMI port, 2 USB ports with Bluetooth 4.0
1.8GHz Cortex A17 Rockchip

Google chromebook india
Google chromebooks will not be available for Indian students

The notebook runs on the Google Chrome OS that’s easy to handle especially when it’s in the hands of the students. Basically, the Chromebooks are targeting the educational institutions to improve the education system. Sometimes, the students feel bore learning in the same formal way. So, using the Chromebooks can be one of the most effective options inspiring them to learn better with more interest. The new Apps that would available soon would be really helpful to conduct the classes without using the traditional black boards. It’s a form of book equipped with all the technical features intended to gain the admiration of the students. Hence, they would definitely perform well, as now they would not loss the concentration while studying.

The Chromebook is loaded with a lighter OS that boots up easily without creating any sort of difficulty. It does not serve as an alternative to that of a laptop. The device is typically developed for the beginners who are getting familiar with the new forms of technology. So, it’s easy to use and the kids would not face any intricacies while using it to learn their new lessons. Last year in US, the Chromebook was the most popular device that was being sold improving the overall status of education. The device completely co-operates with the newbies helping them to learn and create new things.

Google revealed in a press note that the new apparatus does not require regular maintenance and updates for the software reducing the overall cost. Usually, for the students it’s not possible to bear up such amount and thus Google designs the entire operating system in the way that would not need any sort of continuous protection. Instead, it boosts up the urge to learn and no student would stay away from his or her lessons because now they would love to get into it.

Overall, a new invention has come up in the field of education along with the Chromebooks from Google unified with other brands.

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