Go8 ties up with Six Delhi Based Schools to attract Quality Students

Indian International student base, the Group of Eight Universities (Go8), Australia has tied up with six selected prestigious Indian schools to strengthen its quality of education. Go8 is an association wherein eight research Universities of Australia have come together to attract the Indian students towards Australia to pursue their higher studies who otherwise prefer to go to Oxford, Cambridge and many others.

In the recent times Australia has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations to pursue higher studies ranging from Graduate Degree to Ph.D. Studies. In the recent years, the most preferred were UK and USA especially amongst the Indian Students. Reports also indicate that Indians are the most keen in the world to send their kid abroad for studies. Presently huge number of children plans to study in some of the world renowned Australian Universities. If the reports are to be believed then at present there are near about 5 lakh International students pursuing their higher studies in Australia.

The Australian Universities are coming up with new initiatives on their part to make Australia quality study abroad destination in the eyes of the Indian students who are planning to pursue higher education in foreign countries. It is not so that the Indian Students do not study in Australia but maximum out of them opt for vocational courses with the main motive of getting a job and thereby becoming the permanent resident there.

Go8 Australia
Group of Eight universities, Australia

The list of Australian universities that forms the Group of Eight (Go8) comprises of some of the best research universities in the world.

Go8 Universities: The University of Melbourne, The Australian National University, The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland, The University of Western Australia, The University of Adelaide, Monash University and UNSW Australia are eight Universities forming Go8.

Delhi School: Springdales School, Bluebells International School, Rishikul Vidyapeeth School, Ahlcon International School, The Shri Ram School and Summerfields School are the six schools in Delhi that the universities in Australia are collaborating with.

The pact was signed between the Australian universities and the Indian (Delhi-based) schools on August 24, 2015. As per the details mentioned in the pact, the Australian universities will give their valuable advice on career opportunities, development opportunities and many other competitions to the students and teachers of these schools.

Australia is a host to around 1100 institutions and universities which have ranking both at National and international level. And these universities in return offer more than 2200 courses in which the candidates can attain specialization. To pursue studies in Australia one needs to have fluency in written and oral English as the medium of Instructions is English.

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Not only the candidates will be given the valuable advices on carrier, personality development, how to be part of debates and competition but also the selected Best Indian School Students will be given a golden chance to be part of the Summer School to be conducted in Australia in which they could learn about High-level research. Every now and then session will be conducted for teachers wherein their skills will be brushed up and they will be taught on how to make study an interesting task for the students by the effective use of newly invented technologies.

The Government of India has always been interested in providing the school going children with research opportunities and has always permitted foreign Universities to collaborate with Indian School/Institutions.

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