Global Peace Index 2015 released, European Countries most peaceful

Since the ancient times, we have seen the wars that lead to ultimate destruction snatching away the peace of the society. Global Peace Index (GPI) is an honest attempt by Institute of Economics & Peace that’s being implemented to measure the peace all across the world covering all the nations and religions.

global peace index 2015
A sneak-peak into the list of countries under Global Peace Index 2015

Global Peace Index 2015 has been recently released and it clearly shows that the world is getting divided into certain countries where peace reigns and on the other side violence and obliteration continuously engulfs the community. GPI measures the peace rate in 162 countries using 23 indicators signifying either the existence of aggression or the subsistence of peace. Results for this year reveal the similar stable output however, that’s lower than that of 2008.

Interesting Information :

Here follows some useful data that have been divulged by GPI from their survey all over the universe. The points are mentioned below:

  • According to the GPI reports peace came up for 81 countries while other 78 countries faced severe violence.
  • An increased terrorist activity broke out in the Middle East countries and North Africa that are considered as the place with hardly any peace.
  • On the other hand, the European countries experience the maximum serenity where 15 out of 20 countries realize the true peaceful ambiance.
  • Also, today’s situation gives rises to armed conflict and the number of deaths have raised to about 3-5 times that shows the figure of 49,000 in 2010 and 180,000 in 2014.
  • Such unruly activities also lead to negative impacts on economy that sums up to a volume of US$14.3 trillion or can be represented as 13.4% according to the last year GPI.
  • Overall, this is the real picture of the universe where peace come up to some person whereas the other one becomes the victim losing their own lives or of their loved ones.

A snapshot at the GPI of Some Countries : The countries where peace sways with all it’s beauty come up as follows:

  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Iceland

These countries show the excellent improvement helping the people there to lead a better standard of living.

And here is listed the names of the countries where people does not know the real meaning of peace. The countries are like:

  • Afghanistan
  • Syria
  • Iraq

Apart from these Libya comes out as the worst sufferer that come down to the rank of 149th among the total 162 countries where GPI focuses on. Ukraine also faced severe deterioration that has been followed by the revolution brought into the focus by Viktor Yanukovych.

GPI 2015 represents the controversial results, where many countries in OECD realized the heavenly peace but at the same time, conflict arises to other parts of the world. So, a strong fear turns out from the situation that the terrorist attacks would gradually spread to other countries and the peace rate can fall to a dangerous level.

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