Ghaziabad school adopts Bibox Innovation lab concept to provide practical exposure to technology

Since last few months a wave of euphoria around India and its technological sector is blowing with utmost speed. For the first time the world has actually taken India seriously and not only in the sense that India suffers huge poverty but also that its technological sector is way too cheap for software offshoring destination. The Digital India initiative is certainly having an effect on enabling a positive contribution from Indian and global tech community.

But beyond all the startups coming up, there is a lot more happening in India that aligns with the trends in connectivity, one such is an innovation kit from Evobi Automations Private Limited. BiBox, an innovative tool was launched three years back and it is of very much help for those people whose fifth grader is brimming with creative ideas but can’t find a platform to give those ideas an effect. The BiBox kit help the students to build simple toys from robots to a working replica of Delhi Metro’s signalling system.

bibox innovation lab concept
Bangalore based Evobi Automations Private Limited has created the module for students

Since the kit has been launched somewhere around 10,000 schoolchildren in over 40 schools located in Bangalore, Kerala and Delhi-NCR are part of ‘Bibox Innovation Lab’. In Delhi/NCR region the ‘Bibox Innovation Lab’ concept has been adopted by DLF Public School, Ghaziabad.

According to the developers, BiBox is actually ‘brain in a box’. It is a hardware kit that helps school children create science and technology models as well as it helps them in problem solving and logical thinking.

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Madhusudan Namboodiri, co-founder and director of the venture said, “With BiBox, the idea is to strengthen the cognitive abilities early in life. If you could structure the thinking process, our kids will be far ahead in terms of looking at problems with a practical approach.”

Seema Jerath, principal, DLF Public School told, “Children in my school have responded well to BiBox and this hands-on learning experience has given their ideas a boost. This concept is affordable and has allowed kids to experience science as it happens.” Further she added, “training of teachers was also required to change their mind-set towards science experiments.”

The BiBox kit contains a hardware board along with basic components like motors sensors and LEDs along with other things. The kit also has the provision to get linked with external units thus enabling students to create machines. As the kit is a service model, hence an yearly fee is charged from each child. Even time and again, the trained staff is send to schools to take classes.

With the help of this technology, students are developing model traffic lights, automatic locking doors, smart room lights, water throwing alarm, drip irrigation system, asthma detector, vibratory blind stick, interactive robotic arm for lifting things, controllable boats, smart cars and much more.

Even a Bisoft app has been launched to assist students. The app can be downloaded from Google store. The app has a simple drag and drop interface and helps students understand the techniques in a simple manner.

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