Germany launches One-stop portal for Indian students’ needs

The Indian Embassy in Berlin has launched a website for Indian students to ease their transition and to keep them abreast of opportunities and events back home. This is going to be a revolutionary step in bringing the two countries closer too. The website ( provides information to Indian students studying, or aspiring to study, in Germany by disseminating information on job opportunities, internships, scholarships, accommodation, visa and student related issues.

According to a release by the Indian Embassy, it is aimed to serve as an extended arm of the mission to reach out to the Indian students. The ISG system now has 16 student organizations and over 2,600 students registered on the database.

Germany provides low-cost or even free knowledge to students at its educational institutions and colleges. The nation is becoming a fascination for Indian students, with their figures tripling in the last six years.

Ambassador launched the student’s website on 17 December with an aim to connect young Indian students in Germany. This also provides a system for prospective students in India seeking college in Germany to connect and share information with their peers in Germany. The Ambassador welcomed all Indian Student Associations in Germany to join and make this effort a success.

Through its cultural wing, the embassy also gives support to some Indian kids’ organizations in Germany to celebrate annual festivals from time to time.

This is a great initiative that not only opens doors for the students of India but also takes the leap of friendship with us. Kudos to the efforts!

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