Germany invites Super 30 founder Anand Kumar to deliver lectures in technical universities

Super 30 founder and mathematician Anand Kumar has been cordially invited by the German government to deliver a lecture at the Technical University of Dresden and Technical University of Chemnitz on November 30 and December 1 respectively. He is feeling honoured to speak before knowledgeable people of one of the developed countries of the world. Anand said, “It is a big motivation for me and I feel good that a small initiative like Super 30 has been appreciated across the globe.” Further he added, “Being from Bihar, I feel proud and hope such motivations will give me strength to keep doing what I have been doing with greater zeal.”

super 30 founder anand kumar to deliver lecture in germany
Anand Kumar has been the inspiration for IIT aspirants across the country

The focus of the lectures delivered by Anand will lay emphasis over on how to educate society’s underprivileged sections, provide an opportunity to Indian students in educational institutions in Germany and how students can excel with fewer facilities. He will be welcomed by Minister of State, Dr. Eva-Maria Stange at the Technical University and deliver the welcome address. Dr. Kuhme, Head of the University Department of the State Ministry of Saxony for Science and Culture, will be with Kumar on his arrival. He will stay at the guest house of Max-Planck Institute, which known for its research in life sciences, natural sciences and the social and human sciences.

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Technical University of Dresden is one of the oldest universities in Germany. The lecture that Anand will deliver here on November 30 will be attended by protectors of the universities in Saxony, Deans of the Mathematics Departments, representatives of other universities, students etc.

It is also expected that Kumar will pay visit to Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments (Mathematischer-Physikalischer Salon) in the Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden. He will also interact with Indian and German students at the Technical University of Chemnitz.

In November last year when Former German ambassador to India Michael Steiner visited Super 30 he was very impressed with Anand’s initiative. Thereafter he shared his views on the increasingly globalized world and India’s demographic dividend with the students of Super 30. To this Anand said, “Steiner was very impressed after knowing that Super 30 was thriving without any aid or subsidy from the government or any private institutions.”

Super 30 offers free education to underprivileged students in Bihar. Every year the institute selects 30 students from underprivileged sections of the society. Since its establishment in the year 2002 and till date more than 300 students of Super 30 have made it to different IITs. Recently, Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi had also invited Kumar to start a similar initiative to help poor students in the state.

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