Gau Seva Ayog proposes ‘Cow University’ in Haryana

A separate university known as the “Cow University” has been proposed by Haryana’s government, known as Gau Seva Ayog. The motive behind this university is to conduct research on domestic animal, milk, urine and drug. The university will be offering diploma courses in this field. This university will focus on cows and it’s by-products. According to the Gau Rakshaks, this university will help in the production of milk and also generate employment.

Recently, on the eve of Bakri-Id, the Bhartiya Janta Party has faced a lot of criticism for beef policing. BJP, on the other hand, has received a proposal for establishing a “cow university” in the state.

The Chairman of Gau Seva Ayog, Bhani Ram Mangla, said, “ We would speak with Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on either Monday or Tuesday about this proposed university, which would require about 500 acres of land. We want to conduct research on urine and dung of the cow.”

Gau Seva Ayog, Bhani Ram Mangla
Gau Seva Ayog, Chairman Bhani Ram Mangla

He also recently visited Kamdhenu University in Gandhinagar, and said, “ We will look for a village panchayat willing to offer land for the university”. This university was established in the year 2009 by the then head of the BJP state government Narendra Modi. This university focuses on research in veterinary sciences animal sciences which also includes dairies and fisheries.

Gau Seva Ayog consists of members or associates of BJP and RSS. Mangla was also the President of the BJP’s Gau Vansh Vikas Prakosth for five years. Gau Rakshaks have been targeting Muslims and Dalits in the different parts of the country. They also assaulted recently three persons, which includes a Madrasa teacher, in Delhi.

Recently, the Ayog ordered the police to pick up samples of biryani which were then tested to see if it contains beef or not. Later, a lot of criticism was received which made the Chief Minister end the raid.

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