Gates Foundation funds University of Washington for Research Works

Launched in the year 2000, Gates foundation is the world’s largest private foundation. Founded by Melinda Gates and Bill Gates,the organization is committed to eradicate malaria and polio and also control the spread of tuberculosis and HIV across the world. On Tuesday, the foundation decided to donate an amount of $210 million to the University of Washington to carry forward an initiative.

The main idea behind the initiative is to improve the health of the people all around the world. This is the biggest single gift that the university has received from the foundation till now. The money will be used to construct a building that will work towards the health of the people.

The new building would house the faculties and other research working on various issues like that of poverty, health and climate under the initiative. This is a good opportunity for the university to come up with a solution for these pressing problems.

Ana Mari Cauce, President, University of Washington, said, “This is really much more than about a building. The building is really about catalysing a vision – an initiative that we launched last spring to really be first in the world in terms of population health.”

Cauce further added, “The initiative pulls together research and resources from across campus and disciplines to help people live longer, healthier and more productive lives. The efforts recognise that the health of a person or community is more than about the lack of disease; it encompasses everything from education, the environment, politics and quality of life including performance arts.”

Bill Gates said, “Melinda and I are pleased to make this investment in the University of Washington to help dramatically accelerate their 25-year vision to achieve positive health outcomes for populations around the world.”

The initiative will also focus on fighting diseases, and will take into consideration all the factors that contribute to it.

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