FYJC : students refuse to take admission in allotted colleges

The problem for Mumbai education department is getting tougher related to admission process of First Year Junior college (FYJC) when around 32 % students refused to take admission in the college after the final merit list. The main reason behind this is the online process of admission.

Now, the pressure is surmounted on the education department. There was already a total of 40,000 seats in excess and this problem added more headache.

Ashok Mahajan, the general secretary of University of Mumbai college principals association, said the real problem behind the online admission process is the lack of awareness. The class X students are unaware of college location which they are filling during application and also, there is no proper guidance provided them to do so. He also pointed out that 80% of the admission process had completed in degree colleges, the problem persisted with the junior colleges.

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While Jayant Jain, president of Forum for fairness in education blamed some college for offline admission process and said, “The vacant seats clearly show that offline admission process taking place in colleges and that students are hoping to get allotted college of their choice. The government should take any immediate action and cancel all the offline admission process.

College authorities blamed the government online process. According to them, till last year, it was convenient to adjust students with the offline process. But this year, with the completely online process it posed a problem.

With the start of the fifth round of admission process, hundreds of parents and ward protested outside the office of the Deputy Director of Education for the offline process. But, the Deputy Director refused to adopt the offline process and said it is against the order of Bombay High Court to conduct admission other than online mode.

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  • They ask for 35 college names can a student visit all of them?? Why only one betterment?the aim should be to allot seats on merit and not get some random college and be happy

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