Furnish Registration or face action, NCPCR to Play Schools

Play schools have been playing an important role in nurturing young minds through pre-education. It has been known that the play schools in the state of Haryana have been in operation for the last few years without any registration. Here comes a new by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) in the month of December that all those play schools, approximately 500 in number in Haryana, will have to register the schools in the next six months.

Purpose of the registration

The main idea behind imposing this new rule is for the following reasons-

  • The schools will come under the regulation of State Agencies.
  • Uniformity across all educational institution will be ensured.
  • There will be a proper fee structure and admission procedure along with the other criterion set as the standard for admission into play schools.

The step of registration came into the picture after several complaints were lodged under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO act). Now the agency responsible for regulating those pre-school structures will keep a close eye on the administration. In the name of play school, many schools had been imposing Alphabet lessons to the children at the tender age which resulted in mental harassment. NCPCR had recently said the private play schools will be monitored under National Policy.

Integrated Child Development Services will be assigned the task of registration of these schools. The planning has already begun with the preparation of the list of the Play schools operating in the state. Sunita Sharma, the District Programme Officer of Women and Child Department said, “We will soon form a committee, which will have members from DCPU and one official from the police department. Once we receive the notification from the state, we will start the ground work.”

Certain guidelines to the preschools

As the schools will come under the supervision of a State Agency for uniformity, certain rules will be obligated to the school authority.

  • No child below the age of three can be allowed admission.
  • The staff recruited should go through police verification. This might be an initiative to check if there are any person who has had any police record for child abuse as there had been a number of instances in the past.
  • Physical, mental and sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

The Commission has asked all the schools to register themselves within 6 months or the necessary action will be initiated. This indeed is a great move that can systemize the scrambled working of the play schools.

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