FTII students continues protest against appointment of Gajendra Chauhan 

Students of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) broke out into protest against the appointment of TV actor Gajendra Chauhan who’s even recognized as an active BJP member. He has been recruited as the Chairman of governing council. According to protestors, Gajendra Chauhan lacks knowledge and is being appointed using political power. So, he is being asked to leave the position, as he is not the right person to hold such responsibility.

FTII students continues protest against appointment of Gajendra Chauhan
Gajendra Chauhan portrayed the character of Yudhistir in Mahabharata

Gajendra Chauhan once played the role of ‘Yudhisthir’, popular character in the ‘Mahabharata’ serial. But he does not possess that sense of vision and stature that can bring him to such position. Therefore, he needs to pay attention about the present status and accordingly have to take the right decision to manage the situation.

Words from Students

Students revealed to the authority that they would continue the protest until Gajendra Chauhan resigns. They even want to know the reason for such appointment of a person who is not at all eligible for the post. D. Narayanan, FTTI director has revealed that all the students are welcome to participate in the dialogue session to explore a suitable solution for the controversy.

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In the meantime, students association took a decision to submit their representation about how quality gets affected with such issues that’s completely illegal. According to Student’s President Harishankar Nachiputhu they would not think about a pause until the authority take the right decision regarding the appointment. Students also said that they are against such puppet Prime Minister who simply follows certain instructions. Such partisan appointment would hamper the standard of education for the institute that would be a barrier for career of students studying here. So, it gives rise to a strong anarchy that’s difficult to manage in the recent times.

A written petition has been forwarded to the I&B Ministry stating the real time demands to look on. Yogendra Yadav who was on the way to visit ‘Swaraj Abhiyan’ also supported students’ protest divulging that their demands are completely valid. He even states that the Modi Government is not able to understand the autonomy of institution and thus the entire process goes in vein. It represents the degradation of education system and thus immediate action should be taken in order to maintain the feasible form of education.

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