FTII protest reaches Delhi, students protest at Jantar Mantar

The day when FTII students brought their protests over the appointment of Mr Gajendra Chauhan to Delhi, the government blamed Congress for misleading the students and criticized Rahul Gandhi severely for politicizing the students community. The minister for state for information and broadcasting, Mr Rajyavardhan Rathore said that, the visit of Rahul Gandhi to Pune clearly indicated that this matter had taken political turn or it is a political strike.

ftii protest at jantar mantar
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At Delhi’s famous Jantar Mantar, over eighty students belonging to reputed Film and Television Institute of India, FTII held protests. The protests had backing from National Students Union of India, NSUI. Congress MP Mr. Raj Babbar and Janata Dal Union leader Mr K. C. Tyagi took part in the protests supporting FTII students. On Sunday, 2nd August 2015, FTII students association had sent a letter to Mr Rajyavardha Rathore, I &B minister and had requested him to start positive talks regarding the FTII issue.

Mr. Rathore stated that, the open discussions with agitating student community would be possible but it would be against politicizing the problem. Mr. Rathore was of the opinion that, small portion of the student community were mislead by political person or party. Even after the government had held discussions with the student community over FTII issue, students wanted to continue their protests.

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Strengthening of FTII would be the major priority and students would be given preference after that. Students could come for the meetings. Mr. Rathore further added that, it was not wise to give political angle to an important institution and said it was not wise for the congress men to take part in the protests.

Rathore further stressed the fact that the problem is needed to be solved by students, administration and by the government and not by the intervention of any political party. Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice-President, recently went to FTII Pune and expressed harmony with agitating students. Mr. Rahul Gandhi was requested by the students of FTII to raise their fight in the parliament.

Mr. Gandhi spoke to students criticizing the appointment of Mr. Gajendra Chauhan and said that a mediocre person was appointed as head over people who don’t want to be mediocre. I&B Minister Mr. Rathore also stated clearly that, there was no action taken against protesting students over the last 50 days as they were students. This liberal nature of the government was stated by Rathore. Earlier, Mr. Gajendra Chauhan’s credentials were questioned by several members of the film community along with the students, on his appointment as chairman of FTII, Pune.

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