Government accepts resignation of FTII Society members Pallavi Joshi, Jahnu Barua and Santosh Sivan

The Film and Television Institute of India is coming up hot on news pages these days, as the strike called by FTII students is continuing at a stretch of 43 days. The government is a little startled and as per the newly made pitch for dialogue with the Minister of State for I&B (Information and Broadcasting), the minister Rajyavardhan Rathore is heard saying that the chairman of FTII, Gajendra Chauhan who is at the centre of this controversy is not more important than the institute itself. That can be taken as a signal from the Ministry to the protesting students and all souls concerned in the controversy.

ftii students protest
Students of FTII protesting against the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as the Chairman of Institute

Despite all these humdrum, the government accepted resignation of three esteemed board members of FTII, Jahnu Barua, Santosh Sivan and Pallavi Joshi. These three resigned in protest of Mr. Chauhan’s controversial appointment as the chairman of FTII. After this stark voice of protest was raised by these three board members.

Minister Rathore told media echoing the Government’s note that Chauhan alone is not important for them or the 250 students against the decision of appointing Chauhan or the alumni of FTII. It is the prestigious institution that matters. That is at stake here. These reassuring words of Rathore, however does not mean that Gajendra Chauhan will completely be let go. The room for further questions and controversies hence persist.

The trio who submitted their resignation letter were renowned filmmaker, cinematographer and actress. Jahnu Barua made a number of films like Baandhon, Ajeyo and Harpal, Santosh Sivan is a famous cinematographer and Pallavi Joshi features in quite many a films till date. Sources in the I&B ministry says that the decision is a well considered one and it has been conceived with the intention of sending out a message.

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The Government has asked the protesting students to go on with their classes as it hampers the career of students as well as the healthy environment of the institute. The Government has also asked them not to block any academic activities and reassured them that discussions will continue with a few of the protesting students for ending the strike.

Even though Chauhan’s appointment seems not to be a matter of prior interest for the Government, it has provided a solution that will supposedly fix the pending problems of fee and infrastructure. The Ministry assured the students that they will be offered equal partnership in the pursuit. The students, however decided to continue on with their protest turning down this offer of the Government. Meanwhile, sources at FTII say that the administration has served eviction notice to a few students who have been staying in the institute even after completion of their courses.

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