FTII director released from student’s captivity after few hours

On Monday evening, the director of Film Television Institute of India, Mr. Prashant Pathrabe, who was held under captivity by the students, was released by the help of police forces who intervened and dispersed the group. Police forces remained in the institute itself to prevent any further violence. The director was surrounded by 40 students and they urged him to justify irrational and unjustified evaluation of the diploma projects that were not completed.

ftii director held captive by studentsThe students who protested did not budge till their demand was met. Students wanted the director of FTII to give reasonable explanation for the ongoing evaluation by the faculty of incomplete films which were made by the 2008 batch students. Mr Prashant Pathrabe told the PTI that inspite of being surrounded by group of students, he was safe.

According to the students representative statement, the director was stopped in his office as he wanted to carry on with unfair evaluation of film projects that were not completed. Some 50 students belonging to 2008 batch were staying in the institute due to film projects not completed fully. FTII Students Association, FSA supposed that evaluation was done with political motive and targeted at 50 students.

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Union Information and Broadcasting ministry joint secretary’s help was sought by the students, but there was not any response from the secretary. As per Mr Prashant, ministry had directed him to proceed with the evaluation and he was following the orders. On Monday at around 11 PM, police forces were sought by the registrar of FTII, as students did not release FTII director.

Monday, 17th August marked the 68th day of strike by FTII students, who were protesting against the appointment of Mr Gajanedra Chauhan as chairman of the Institution. A new system where 51% of the governing council would be FTII alumni with governing council electing a chairman was put forward by the students council.

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