French director to make a film on Anand Kumar’s Super 30 success story

Anand Kumar, a famous mathematician from Bihar is best known for his Super 30 program. Nearly a decade ago, Anand Kumar started a campaign to help talented students from economically weaker section of the society to crack IIT JEE. Until now 308 students who took coaching in super 30 campaign had made it to IIT and ISM. He is running ‘Super 30’ scheme under banner of Ramanujan School of Mathematics.

anand kumar super 30
Anand Kumar, man behind the Super success of Super 30

Every year Ramanujan School of Mathematics holds a competitive exam in order to select 30 students for Super 30 scheme, specially belonging to weaker section who are not able to afford private tuition or coaching classes. The super 30 scheme has received praise from many of the organization all over the world. Various documentaries were also filmed on success story of Super 30. In 2009, Discover Channel broadcasted an hour long program on super 30.

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Anand Kumar himself belongs to economically backward class. His father was an employee in Indian Postal Service. He had to decline the offer made by University of Cambridge due to financial problems. Owing to his condition, he decided to sponsor some students to make them pursue higher studies through super 30 scheme.

Recently a short featured film was documented on his achievements. Famous Director from France Pascal Plisson has documented a 90 minute film ‘The Big Day‘ that’s based on success stories of four kids across the globe. Among them is a girl named Nidhi Jha, a student of super 30 included as the main character.

Nidhi Jha is the third daughter born to a poor family of an auto-rickshaw puller Sunil Kumar Jha. He got tensed when Nidhi was born thinking about her future. However after class 12, Nidhi joined super 30 and due to her financial problems, Anand Kumar let her stay at his house. In his words, ‘Nidhi is a very dedicated and hard working girl’. She is now studying at ISM Dhanbad.

The film has showed how under-privileged students overcome all odds at Super 30 under guidance of Anand Kumar. Since the film is based on 4 stories of children across the globe. Plisson remarked that it shows the difficulties faced by students on daily basis.

The Indian part of the film shows how Nidhi belonging to weaker section managed to crack the toughest exam to get admission in most prestigious institute in India.

Path√© Films is producing the entire film that’s going to be released in upcoming month. Both Anand and Nidhi have been invited on worldwide release of the film ‘The Big Day’.

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