Foreigners now required to undergo scrutiny for research visa

After detection of many incidents regarding misuse of the provisions provided to foreigners planning to work in non-governmental organizations, it is now confirmed that these foreigners will now have to face strict scrutiny of their visa applications. This move came to force after the Union Government identified several foreigners misusing their visas for their benefit.

scrutiny for research visaAccording to a senior home ministry official’s statement, all the research visa applications would be thoroughly checked and applicant has to submit details regarding the project in which research work would be carried out.

Only when details are found appropriate, devoid of controversies and beneficial to India, the applicant would be granted visa. Scholars and participants in academic seminars come on tourist visas as the process involved in Ministry of Home Affairs( MHA) approval is often inconvenient.

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Christine Mehta, whose research activities involved human rights violation in Kashmir on sake of Amnesty International, did not submit her details regarding the research subject before itself thereby resulting of her being deported by government in 2014.

It was also confirmed that many foreigners belonging to Green Peace India were involved in anti-governmental activities. Green Peace is an non-governmental environmental organization with its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It campaigns for world issues including deforestation, climate change, anti-nuclear issues etc.

The official quoted that many foreigners come to India and get themselves involved in research works and NGO’ s dealing with environment and human rights issues. Those types of people wont be encouraged in order to stop misusing their visas.

If the research project is carried out under Indian institution recognized by UGC then the foreigners wont have much difficulty. Foreign scholars taking scholarships from Indian Council for Cultural Relations would not face difficulty in the processing of their visas applications.

The General Cultural Scholarship Scheme, Silver Jubilee Nepali Scholarship, Africa Scholarships, Common wealth Scholarship Scheme etc are various scholarships given by ICCR. There are only 3800 research scholars out of  total of 42,000 foreign based students.

Out of many countries, the students belonging to Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Iran are those who come to India often for their research projects.

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