Foreign Nations Interested In Young Indian Talent, But What About India?

talented indian students

The government has always been questionable for its efforts to modify the higher education system in India. At one side, HRD ministry is trying hard to turn-around the complete scenario, key private players (institutions) are also doing their best by employing high-tech tools in administration.

HRD Ministry had recently announced its plan to integrate skill development courses in the main stream education, thus paving the way to achieve PM Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Skill India’. Another ambitious initiative ‘Make in India’ has already attracted most countries to come to India. These countries have come to India not only with their technology, but with the most important thing India needs, the Money. While all these things are just going right towards transforming India from a developing nation to a developed nation, the young population of India is suffering a huge setback, thanks to the flaws in education system.

The nation has reported several instances of question paper leakage in past few years, ranging from national entrance tests to the respective institutions’ main examinations. While paper leakage issue has been taking toll of students across the country, there is one private university which is being praised by even foreign countries for its unique and safe paper systems. Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) had adopted the online question paper delivery system three years back, and guess what, the system has been working flawless since then. Impressed with the functionality of system, the tech nation Japan has expressed its willingness to adopt the same.

A team of 10 delegates from Japan government recently visited the varsity campus in Karnataka to know more about the system. The team also met with university officials and signed memorandum of understanding for adopting the online question paper delivery system.

Acting VC of VTU, HG Shekharappa apprised media of the same and said “It’s a proud moment for the university as well for our country that Japan government would adopt the online question paper delivery system developed here.” The system has been proved safest and leak proof so far.

Another news that popped out from the visit that Japan is interested in recruiting engineers from India, not tens, but thousands. Japan would be hiring as much as 40,000 engineering graduates from India, especially from Karnataka. The recruitment process is likely to be held in phased manner. Japan government would provide training to all the recruits for one year.

While this appreciation of engineering education and capabilities of Indian students is something to be proud of, the question which struck my mind instantly is that if all efficient engineers (students) flee to foreign countries in search of lucrative career opportunities, how’s our own nation going to develop?

These young minds can very well serve our very own country in the time when there is a dearth need of it’s utilisation and their talent to realise the dream of ‘Developed India’.

The talent of Indians is widely recognised by several developed nations notably by United States and European countries. And that can be verified with the fact that in a recent report by US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the maximum number of applications was from Indians. It isn’t a surprise when CEO’s of multi-nationals are replacing their high-paid staff with comparatively cheaper and as much effective H-1B employees.

So many big global corporations are being headed by Indians, Satya Nadella, Sunder Pichai, Indra Nooyi, to name a few. Even once Microsoft founder Bill Gates had said that if he would stop recruiting Indians, there would be one new Microsoft in India. This is enough to describe the capabilities of Indians, be it any field, technological or management. It’s high time that Indian government starts taking appropriate measures to contain this talent in India itself. Despite going to a foreign country, if these young talents are given enough opportunities to grow in their own country, it would definitely mark a solid step in making India a great country, the greatness which it is destined to achieve.

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