Flipped classroom model much effective, says IIT Bombay

A research on the flipped classroom model by IIT-Bombay professors says that it is more effective than a conventional classroom. The IIT researchers had taken to experimenting with the flipped class model in a bid to come up with an enriching classroom model.

In the Flipped Classroom model, students watch lectures through videos at home and utilize classroom hours in discussion, problem-solving and other activities. Basically, the model flips homework at classroom and class work at home. Students watch lecture videos at home and get back to the classroom with ideas to discuss, solve problems and have other subject related practical sessions or activities.

World-wide rigorous research is underway into better classroom teaching models to improve students’ performance and experience. The model has been both praised and criticised around the world. While some say it improves performance, others say it increases students’ workload.

However, the study by IIT researchers to determine its efficacy prove that 85 percent of students found this as ‘effective’ or ‘more than effective.’ 80 percent were of the opinion that the core component of the course such as weekly quizzes and mid-term exams must not be changed.

A subject called Process Control, was taught on mandate to 63 chemical engineering undergraduate students. A set of 36 one-hour lecture videos were recorded in the previous year when the course was delivered through the conventional method by one of the authors of the report. These pre-recorded videos were used as the instructional material.

Students studied three videos every week at home and discussed them through Moodle, a Learning Management System. Group discussion happened once a week with the regular quiz sessions, mid and end semester exams.

Titled ‘Efficacy of a flipped method in an undergraduate class at IIT Bombay‘ the study conducted by professor Kannan Moudgalya of Chemical Engineering and Educational Technology departments and other researchers showed favourable result in the students’ performance.

“A limited comparison of the performance with a control group that did the same course taught by another instructor in the conventional way showed that the flipped classroom students performed better. Students who did well in the weekly quiz, did well consistently throughout the course,” read the report.

The report, however, pointed out that student satisfaction and overall performance alone were not sufficient reasons to convince traditional societies to adopt the flipped method.

“It is also necessary to show that the students go through the lecture material regularly and that learning happens throughout the semester. This requirement is indeed fulfilled in the current study: this fact is brought out through the weekly quiz and a detailed study of it,” the report mentioned.

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