FCRA registrations cancelled for DU and JNU

Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University faces the cancellation of FCRA certification due to violation of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 2010. According to the MHA document it has been revealed that “In terms of Gazette Notification S.O. 1492(E) dated 01.07.2011, all statutory bodies constituted or established by or under a Central Act or State Act requiring to have their accounts compulsorily audited by the Comptroller & Auditor General of India are exempted from all the provisions of FCRA 2010.”

However, Malay Neerav, spokesperson from Delhi University and Shankar Dhar, JNU’s joint-registrar for finance have said that they didn’t receive any statement from MHA about the incident.

FCRA registrations cancelled for DU and JNUThe Universities are now worried that it would affect the study process along with the fellowships that may destroy the career of the students. According to the sources from Union Home Minister, notice has been issued to the Universities following the cancellation of the licenses.

Looking onto the annual financial statement of JNU it’s seen that the University receives a huge amount of Rs. 70 lakh from Nippon Foundation. Also, Delhi University possesses collaborations with manifold foreign institutions that extend to about 50 Universities along with the MoUs. But as per the report from DU MoU doesn’t mean that the University receives fund.

Vijaya Venkatarman, the Spanish teacher even reveals that students themselves travel to the places and acknowledge the suitable fund according to their performance. M.M. Chaturvedi from Science department also says that the monetary support they receive is recognized as the grant and that’s not included as the University fund.

Certain Government organizations such as Department of Science (DST), Department of Biotechnology provide the grants. Alongside, the department of Electronic Sciences carries out the collaboration with Japanese but there is no sort of connection with DST that can be a serious issue for the University. The Mitsubishi Foundation provides the scholarships to the eligible students every year and that’s not calculated as the University fund.

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