Fake universities named out for bad quality education

Students all over the country look forward to a luminous future in the field of information and technology. Some students get through the top colleges and institutes like IIT and BITS while some look for alternatives to follow their pursuits which may or may not be at par with the actual quality of education provided in these elite engineering institutes. But unfortunately they get trapped in the fold of the menace of some fake institutions and instead of facilitating the students with their authentic degree to help them get better job opportunities, this instead has become a source of lucrative earning by providing them a degree that is merely a piece of paper which in the future would be of no use to the students, moreover they have no vested authority in them to grant any sort of degree.

These universities are strewn all over the country with a total number of 279 fake technical institutions and the capital having a highest of 66 fake colleges and 23 fake universities along with Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra having these in abundance .

In order to forewarn students of these fake universities, the all India Council for Technical education has sent notices to the schools to not take its approval along with public notices in newspapers. The minister of state for human resource development too has written to other states to investigate into the matter. To make things more safe for the students the AICTE and UGC has put out a list of the fake universities on its website before the new session kicks in next month to mitigate or abolish whatever problems the students might face after pursuing a degree from these universities.

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