Failed students promoted by Delhi University under DU No Fail Policy

Students of Delhi University experience yet another change in the system. Delhi University announced last week that the students who failed in four year undergraduate program (FYUP) will be promoted, thus saving 8% of the first year students who failed the test for the 2014-15 session.

The unsuccessful students though will have to appear for retest next year. For example if a student failed in a subject in first year of his course, he/she will be promoted to second year but the student will have to appear for the retest in respective semesters. The same set of rules apply for third year students.

The earlier norms of Delhi University stated that the students who failed in exams shall be treated as former student and will not be promoted or will not be allowed to sit for the exams the following year.

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Teachers’ point of view

According to few Professors, the new norms with surely affect the quality of students. If a student is held back in the year i.e. if a student is not promoted to next year in four year undergraduate program that means the students has failed to prove themselves. Promoting them to next semester without having cleared the previous exam will lead to affect the quality of the student.

Being such a tough university to get admission, if a student fails to clear a exam then he/she is not up to the mark. However some professor believe that following this new guidelines will surely help the students to understand their flaws. These guidelines though will put pressure upon the students as they have to clear their backlog and simultaneously will have to prepare for the papers of the respective semester.


After chaos started due to introduction of semester system in 2009-10 which got worse in year 2013-14, Delhi University has introduced this scheme. Now students don’t have to worry about being detained in same year. It happens sometimes that students failed to appear for the exam due to some reasons. Keeping all this in mind, Delhi University has decided to promote each and every student. The new proposal also states that the students cannot be detained in same year due to short attendance.

With this new set of guidelines university has changed its undergraduate structure thrice this year and had led unsuccessful first year students in confusion about the system.

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  • I am the student of electronic of fyup du I am fail in 3rd year my college acharya narendra dev college govindpuri our college is not promoted to next year college is says that du is not give notification to him. So plz do it something for us give notification to our college as soon as possible plz.

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