Facebook to beat LinkedIn through its new job posting feature

In a move that could pressure business and employment-oriented social networking service LinkedIn Corp’s employment business, Facebook Inc announced on Monday that it was testing a feature that would allow page administrators the convenience of creating job postings and further interactions between potential employers and employees via its vast networking platform.

“Based on behavior we’ve seen on Facebook, where many small businesses post about their job openings on their Page, we’re running a test for Page admins to create job postings and receive applications from candidates,” a company spokesman told the press. The feature is also capable of packing a punch at search engines, especially at Google Search and other networking sites like Glassdoor, AngelList, Meetup and in the Indian context, sites like Naukri.com and Monster.com. People are more likely to connect with potential employers on a website of convenience like Facebook as opposed to browsing through several job search sites.

Known for making a substantial impact on social media behavior around the world, the latest of which is being shaped by its gaming platforms and its state of the art ‘Marketplace’ launched last October – the platform for buyers and sellers to interact, Facebook aims to make job-hunting an easier process by allowing job seekers to find jobs just as they surf through their newsfeeds, a convenience that will be custom-catered to them based on an interaction of their personal data. Facebook has a whooping 1.581 billion user outreach.

Although the Jobs feature is still a work in progress, and its launch still undecided- sources have mentioned that Facebook plans to make this a paid feature. The feature is however guaranteed to increase traffic on Facebook as businesses will finally be able to engage in chat facilities with candidates without having to lose substantial funds and also because it will enhance Facebook’s user experience at large.

The feature will be simple – a page administrator will be able to create job postings based on his requirements at the ease of creating an almost average Facebook status, although the format of it will be specifically different from the latter. Anybody who is online will be able to apply for the job through an application filled out by pre-populated details like educational background, work experience, and other miscellaneous requirements that already exist on the user’s page. The company can then, based on its preferences, contact such candidate(s) and further talks for said listings.

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