Expert Committee To Submit Blueprint For Revival of Bellandur Lake

Bengaluru : An expert committee will soon be setup by the Karnataka government to draw a blueprint for reviving and restoring Bellandur lake in the eastern part of the city. The lake has been polluted with toxic discharges and a lot of sewage matter. According to KJ George, Bangalore Development Minister, “The expert committee will be given three weeks to submit a blueprint for the integrated development of Bellandur lake.”

He further added, “The blueprint will incorporate suggestions made in a document Namma Bengaluru Foundation prepared on Save Bellandur Action Plan in April.”

The decision was taken at a workshop attended by various ministers, civic bodies, law makers, citizen groups and also the social activists. In the workshop, it was decided that Mahendra Jain, Secretary of the Urban Development will be the chairman of the committee.

According to George, the lake has become a victim of unregulated growth and also unregulated pollutants of the city. It has become really important to look into the matter otherwise the lake will keep getting polluted in the same manner, he said. He further added, “As experts claim that there is no oxygen left in the lake, it is imperative for us to work on a comprehensive plan to save it.”

The workshop was organized after the National Green Tribunal (NGT) instructed state government to demolish all sorts of the construction in and around the areas of the lake.

Several foundations and Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) of Bangalore filed a petition against this issue, as a result of which the National Green Tribunal instructed the government to take care of the areas around the lake to protect the water body and make sure that no illegal construction take place in the area.

TV Ramachandra, professor of Indian Institute of Science, said, “The solution to resolve the Bellandur lake has to be technically feasible, economically viable and environmentally sound. It is important that we free our lakes from encroachers and land mafias. We need to treat every drop of sewage and recover nutrients from the same.”

He has also suggested some measures that can prevent such problems, including rain water harvesting and removing the silt from the lake.

He further added, “We should replicate the Jakur lake model in the city’s northern suburb for Bellandur and other contaminated lakes in and around the city. I am worried that land, water and waste mafia have taken over Bengaluru.”

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