IIT Roorkee considering to change the CGPA system: readmits expelled grads

Certainly, it was a fortunate day for the students of IIT Roorkee who has been re-admitted after being expelled. IIT Roorkee had expelled 18 students for failing the condition to fulfill a minimum CGPA of 5. Of these 18 students, 10 are from the reserved categories. When the news of expulsion came, students were worried about their future and none of them wanted to put his/her academic career at IIT on the brink. Some of the students wrote to Union Minister of Human resource and Development and seek the intervention of HRD into this matter. Some even asked PMO to help.

A student from non-reserved category said he had scored well in JEE and worked hard to get into IIT. He didn’t care too much repeating a year but to get expelled from the institution was a career-threatening issue.

Ministry of HRD communicated with college authorities. Following this, a marathon senate meeting was held for 6 hours and the conclusion came out of the meeting to give another chance to expelled students.

IIT Roorkee Dean of Academics said the authorities head decided to readmit all the expelled students in the first year. He said this would be another chance to students to show their caliber.

Students were overwhelmed at the campus and they promised they would prove the decision worth in the examination and would not let down the hope of people around them.

According to some sources, it has been reported that IIT Roorkee is also considering to change the CGPA system because it is creating problem for students and management as well. Last year, a similar case happened where 72 students got expelled and were readmitted later.

Meanwhile, IIT Roorkee is looking for a final revised system on CGPA System so that it would not face any problem again, as this whole process of expulsion would result in nothing but the waste of important time of the institute.

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