SBI’s failure to address clerk mains result 2016 issue is causing rumors

As if the delay in results wasn’t agonizing enough for aspirants who took the State Bank of India (SB) clerk mains exam 2016, the rumors and more precisely, some misleading news have captured their attention and mine too. Yesterday a report surfaced that result has been declared, it isn’t true by a long shot. I won’t go digging any further which report it was (you probably must’ve read it anyway by now) but some readers have asked pretty concerning questions, such as, is the recruitment process being cancelled? No, it isn’t being cancelled, at least not yet.

SBIIt may just happens that SBI has not addressed anything about the results or any other issue about it (for example: that interview confusion), but it hasn’t notified the cancellation either. And if the last notice is to be taken into consideration, the SBI clerk mains results are under process. That means, results will be declared, eventually.

While you may doubt why is SBI proceeding with all other recruitment processes and is totally ignoring SBI clerk’s, the reason as to why remains officially unanswered. There are a hundred ways to mull over several rumors but in the end, rumors are just rumors. If anything, State Bank of India will declare the clerk mains results before the end of this month. Nobody knows whether interviews will be conducted or is it even a issue at all, or the Bank is prepping up to introduce a whole new stage/tier in the recruitment process of SBI clerks for Junior Associates and Junior Agricultural Associates.

Folks, it’s a personal advise from me, you all have waited long enough and spent enough time on internet reading any worthy piece of information related to SBI clerk results, so don’t go spreading rumors among fellow aspirants because here’s something better to do in the meantime.

If you’re one of them who took other bank exams too such as BOB PO, Repco Bank, SBI PO or are preparing for IBPS PO, clerk, RRB exams, go on with your preparations. Don’t look back, keep moving forward.


  • Sbi clerk ka result tab niklega jab urjit patel rbi governor ki term puri kar lenge aur arundhati madam rbi governor banegi

    • Arvind, SBI has NOT notified anything officially. Don’t worry, you’ll receive the sms whenever SBI releases the results. Don’t expect it to come in 1-2 days, it will take time, least 1-2 weeks.

  • Sir, rumors has also that a case is being fought in Chennai and the proposed merging will eradicate a large number of vacancies.

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