Even Police Needs Security In Kashmir

militants snatch rifles from police in kashmir
Militants left tying the hands of policemen. Representation Image

In a bizarre incident, few suspected militants snatched four service rifles and other ammunition from police guards on Sunday. The incident happened in South Kashmir’s Kulgam area which created a lot of distress among the security agencies. The incident took place at around 2 am when the policemen were guarding the houses which belonged to the minority community in Adijan area of Kulgam.

In the past, there have been so many incidents like this and it has been noticed that all those weapons end up in the hands of Hizbul Mujahideen militants, though in most of the cases the weapons were recovered also.

A source said, “Those who want to join militant groups have to first snatch weapons from security forces and only then they will be allowed to be a part of the group. This is the message from the top militant commanders to local youths.”

The suspected militants broke into the police post and fled with all four rifles and ammunition. According to a police official, two SLRs (self loading rifles) and two INSAS (Indian small arms system) rifles were snatched from the post. Besides these, six magazines were also stolen from a minority police pocket. It was not yet known as to how the youth managed to enter the police post. The police feel that the militants who are living in the valley and are planning the attack are falling short of weapons as a result of which they are trying to steal weapons.

They said that four guards including the commander, who were guarding eight families against the minority community were detained later. This happened after they questioned, “It came to the fore that at around 3 am, two armed militants knocked at the door of the police picket and as one of the guards opened the door, he was overpowered by the gunmen.”

He further added that the two guards were asleep. Before they could react, the militants overpowered them and snatched their rifles. They also broke two boxes and took away two more rifles. And before leaving, all the militants, who had their face covered tied the hands of the cops and left.

The police and army are working together to get hold of the militants. They have started their investigation. The J&K police have also asked its personnel to not retain their weapons when they go on a leave and instead deposit them in the nearest police station.

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