Even IITs don’t have ideal student-teacher ratio which affects it’s place in global rankings

The colleges for which million of aspirants dream every year are also in the vision of suspect for not having the perfect ratio of student-teacher. The most sought-after engineering colleges, IITs, is found to possess a weaker ratio of students to teachers as it should be. Experts cited this is one of the reasons which enervate IITs on the global rank.

Currently, there are 35% of the total seats that are vacant for the faculty position, which sums up the average student-teacher ratio as 15:1 contrasting the ideal ratio 10:1, HT reports. Surprisingly, this ratio is better at new IITs as compared to the famous and older ones. The required ratio of IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi is 14:1 and 16:1 and the ratio get bigger for the older institutes, IIT BHU with 22:1 and IIT Kharagpur with 19:1.


To rectify this problem, Union Minister of HRD Prakash Javadekar would take up this issue in the proposed meeting which is going to be held up on 23rd August. However, brainstorming is already happening in the HRD department. Some senior officials are suggesting that IITs should use their own resource by appointing PhD students as faculty. An official said besides recruitment process from outside, IITs can identify the potential of PhD students at IITs and recruit them as faculty for at least two semesters.

Meanwhile, some academicians of IITs denied the importance of student-teacher ratio when the quality of teaching is taken into account. One of the prestigious IIT, IIT Roorkee Director said IITs have to maintain the quality of teaching in the institutes. He said IITs believe in maintaining the top-notch quality that’s why they have DST INSPIRE and Ramanujan to expand the ambit of scientific research and engineering.

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A former IIT director said it affects the global ranking but IITs have maintained legacy by producing well-recognized alumni which directly reflects the quality of IITs. He further said it is an easy task to admit students but on the other hand, it is difficult to hire faculty.

Keeping the dream to become globally recognized by 2020, IITs are planning to increase intake of students by 30,000 in the next four years which would make the strength of 1 lakh across 18 IITs. Also, there can be the introduction of new positions of faculty in the IITs which possess poor student-teacher ratio.

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