Establishing Universities for Minorities only

India has been in the news for the minorities’ support it gives to a particular section of society. This has been a cause of concern for many while a relief for others. People who are not privileged and cannot get a good education for them and their children are helped by the government in all aspects via the minorities quota which gives some leverage to the students. However, it is also a way to get mileage from such a sensitive subject by the politicians every time there is an election round the corner. The same thing happened recently when the state polls were around and the center played the moved. It announced and formed two panels to set up five universities for the minorities only. This will make sure that they get a grant of much aid to Madrasas and offer education in the mainstream.

The main convenor of the 10-member panel was former bureaucrat Afzal Amanullah. They have been asked to submit a report within two months to the Maulana Azad Education Foundation (MAEF). The panel consisted of Vice Chancellor Lt General Zameeruddin Shah and Jamia Milia Islamia University Professor Talat Ahmed along with ex-Calicut varsity V-C Padmashri Iqbal Hasnain and former Parliamentarian Shahid Siddiqui to be the prominent members of the newly allotted panel. The main aim of setting up these universities is to empower the minorities group educationally. This will help them to imbibe education with world class amenities in the field of medical, engineering, skill development and other fields.


The main strategy is to build a roadmap for the university so that it can be set up smoothly. Also, the government has been given suggestions to start the university campuses in various areas. These universities will be given a tag of the minority group as per the mandate from the government. Each of the universities will be spread in a 100-acre land which is in the acquiring phase. The education base that such universities will possess would be Ayurved, medical education, and Unani along with skill development.

Many states have shown interest to host the university campuses in their areas. Rajasthan and Haryana are a few of them and others following the league.

Though this is a political move to get maximum votes from the minority group, but this will ensure that some concrete step is taken to enhance the education system of the Indian roots and make India stand in the race to be one of the biggest economies in the world. The Centre thinks of the society when the need arises. However, they have many plans and projects ready to be kicked off as and when there is a possibility. Government works in the interest of the society and this is the need of the hour. Where many minorities go uneducated due to lack of funds and good infrastructure and opportunities, Centre has taken a good initiative to get the ball rolling. Let us all join hands in making this initiative a grand success for the well-being of the country and the young talent.

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