Engineering course- A coherent path or an incoherent one

If this world is a river and the boat is the technology, the sailor is surely an ‘engineer’. Without engineering and engineers, this world is like a pizza without cheese. Behind every single equipment, structure, or even a single piece of tech, there is a group of engineers whose work is behind availing all the benefits from that equipment to mass population. One should definitely take a bow for all the efforts made by an engineer.

In a developing country like India, engineering is a very good option after 12th, and arguably one of the most career-oriented and nearly job-guaranteeing. As technology is advancing and industries are setting up, this course is a good option for students to build their career in this domain.

There are many prestigious colleges in India like IITs, NITs, BITS, etc. Enrollment to these institutions is done through rigorous entrance examination. IITs have produced many famous faces of the country like Raghuram Rajan– Governor of RBI, Sundar Pichai- CEO of Google, and much more which make Indian engineers proud.

It has been said that in the four years of engineering, one sees many faces of the hard work and innovations. Engineering opens the mind of an Individual and made to think in a logical way. This all makes a human versatile and fitful to practical work. Also, engineering paves the right path for students who have an interest in research work.

But, despite all of its quality and benefits, engineering course has been becoming a problem for students. As this course is supposed to become a cliché, there are fewer job opportunities for engineers. In recent years, it has been seen that the number of engineers produced in the country is outnumbering the jobs in said domain.

There are more than 3,000 AICTE approved engineering colleges in India in which lakhs of students take admission every year. But, it a disappointing fact that lots of these students don’t get able to grab a job and for those who do, the jobs are not related to their domain and the salary is lower than expectations.

This whole process of ‘dark engineering’ starts after class 12th when, call it peer pressure, or parental pressure, or tenaciousness of the society, overcomes the teenage mind. Also, the students have not much self-actualizing power to understand the core interest of themselves and end up as unsuccessful engineers.

In this whole process, the government can do nothing but to control the excessive intake of private engineering colleges and a legal notice to stop the functioning of engineering colleges which do not have placement report on par.

The beauty of engineering should remain as it was 10-15 years ago. The society and parents should look for another interesting course which is less popular among students like fashion technology, law, journalism. Our engineers gave this hassle-free world so we should also create awareness to make their life easygoing. Engineers are meant to innovate not to strive.

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