Encourage India’s Youth To Be Job Creators Not Job Seekers!!

Since time immemorial, India has been looked down as the place that gives birth to job seekers and professionals. The global identity on IT map has been a clear success with regard to capability of India to produce best IT engineers and professionals. Across the globe, the general perception of the people for Indians is more towards ‘Job Seekers‘. Talking about India, ask any given carrier aspirant about his / her goal, the response would be ‘I want to work for so and so company‘. Hardly there will be somebody who would say ‘I want to create my own So & So Company‘.

In order to employ educated youths each year, the need of the hour is to create 13 million jobs every year. It was only during the high economic growth in the last decade when the highest number (5.5 million) of jobs were created. There is a significant deficit and the only best solution is to nurture Job creators. We should simply not rely on MNCs and giant corporate houses for this herculean task. Instead, the Indian youth should pull up the socks and take a step forward to wear the badge of an ‘Entrepreneur‘ thereby creating jobs for many more tens and hundreds and thousands other.

This year our Glorious India celebrated its 71st Independence Day and Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort. In the speech thus delivered, there were many highlights, however the most admired ones for the youth were: “Our country has the world’s largest youth population. Today is the era of IT and let’s move ahead on the path of digital transaction.” Second was “1st January 2018 will not be an ordinary day- those born in this century will start turning 18. They are Bhagya Vidhatas of our nation.” And last, “We are nurturing our youngsters to be job creators and not job seekers.”

Being job creators and not job seekers will bring about a paradigm shift in traditionally safe-secured oriented mind-set of Indian families and break the notions of overrated ‘Safety Net’. The Narendra Modi led government is addressing some of the real big issues which can bring about a significant change in growth story of India. We all have heard about some good ideas coming up, but the overall success lies in the fact that whether they are being implemented or not. The Union Budget presented each year supports job creators which in itself is a green signal for India and its youth to have high aspirations and to build a path to pursue their dreams.

Innovation and entrepreneurship needs a big push to fuel the country’s growth towards double digit figure. The budget surely kickstarts the movement but much more has to come over the next few years. Initiatives and schemes like SETU – Self-Employment and Talent Utilization, MUDRA – Micro Unit Development and Refinance Agency, Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) have all been the job creators in the recent past. Startups now employ over 80,000 people and some 72% of the founders are less than 35-years old, making India home to the youngest entrepreneurs in the world. India’s startups also have a different and more frugal character compared to its peers in the Silicon Valley given the lowcost needs of consumers and businesses here.

The government is addressing some of the real big issues which can bring about a significant change in growth story of India.

With the support of the Union government in job creations and Make In India campaign, the overall ecosystem is building up at a very rapid pace. However, the bitter fact is that a successful entrepreneur is the one who swims through the currents instead the one who likes to swim where the water is all calm. Just like the lack of talent creates the employability gap, for entrepreneurship, the biggest challenge is the readiness gap.

Aspiring entrepreneurs will have to take a step forward!! And for the recipe of the entrepreneurial journey, the key ingredients are: skills, abilities and knowledge pills. The person driving an idea makes a difference and a good idea in the hands of an unprepared team can be a failure. Courage, risk taking abilities, perseverance, honesty and a high degree of energy and commitment are just a few basic qualities required for the ‘big‘ entrepreneurial plunge.

For India to become a country of Job Creators, as mentioned above, we need a paradigm shift in traditionally safe, secured, oriented mind-set of Indian families and break the notions of overrated safety net. We need to encourage students to become job creators and not just job seekers. They should learn to challenge the status quo, take risks and create, as opposed to simply absorb. As a nation, we should celebrate entrepreneurs as heroes, much like we do with Cricket and Bollywood stars.

Let us try to ignite the passion in at least one person to become an entrepreneur and make a larger contribution to the world. One person-one ignition would lead to many entrepreneurs taking a plunge and a step forward towards making India a place for job creators and not just job seekers. Your small contribution towards motivating potential entrepreneurs could make a big difference.

There is a lot of potential around and a little motivation might drive them to ‘Think Big.

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