Eminent Scientist CNR Rao receives Japan’s Highest Civilian Award

CNR Rao who is recognized as the renowned scientist who even was honored with the great “Bharat Ratna Award” has been selected for the Japan’s highest civilian award. It becomes the news that makes our country proud of the fact that an Indian is able to spread education to such an extent where science and technology carries the unbelievable concept. The award carries the sense of mutual understanding in the field of education between both the countries that would enable the better establishment of the academic set up.

He even acknowledged the ‘Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star’ and the Japanese Ambassador Takeshi Yagi certified the great Indian personality. The entire event represented the Department of Science and Technology along with the senior officials who participated there.

Prof. C.N.R. Rao with wife Indumathi
Prof. C.N.R. Rao with wife Indumathi

About the Japan Civilian Award and CNR Rao :

Japan Civilian Award is distributed among the politicians, academicians and military officers. Rao is among the top academicians in the world that makes him popular all across the globe. He makes the distinct approaches in the field of science and technology managing about 70 honorary doctorates. He even works as the honorable president at the Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research Bangalore. Moreover, he is the ‘Linus Pauling Research Professor’ that gives him the ultimate identity as the most eminent character. Rao was also responsible for penning 1000 research papers along with 36 books that would open the treasure house for the readers.

Words from the Famous Person : “I believe the future of India and Japan are connected together. India has to realize Japan as its greatest strength in Asia and Japan has to realize India is its greatest friends. The future of Asia depends on these two countries working together,” are the words uttered by Rao.

He said more “The scientific work Japan is doing is outstanding. I owe a lot to Japan. Its a great honour received from a great country. I am an admirer of Japan from my childhood and have seen the country grow after the second world war.” It initiates a new beginning that serves as the inspiration for the new generation who would construct the path through which the countries can explore a complete new universe. He welcomes the young people from both India and Japan and asks them to work together holding each other’s hands firmly.

According to Shailesh Nayak the award does not only honors Rao but it’s the great achievement for the entire Science department in India. It would increase the enthusiasm of the students encouraging the scientific minds developing a better future.

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