Eiffel Tower Lights Up in Rainbow Colors to Honor Orlando Victims

By | June 29, 2018

Eiffel Tower Lights Up in Rainbow Colors to Honor Orlando Victims

Eiffel tower a very famous and beautiful tower which is located in Paris, France. Its construction was started in 1887 and ended in 1889. The tower is 324 meters tall and it’s the tallest structure in Paris. It also contains lift to move from one stair to the other as it is very tall and have more than 300 stairs from one level to the other. It’s beauty can be seen during night time as it will be filled with full of lights. These lights add more beauty to the tower. This tower is the most visited paid monument within the world.

During Monday evening, it adds much more beauty. This is because, it will be filled with rainbow colors which brings added beauty to the tower. The sides of the Eiffel tower reads #love wins. Lighting up the rainbow colours to the Eiffel tower had a reason. They lit the tower in rainbow colors to show their tribute towards Orlando victims.

Eiffel Tower Lights Up in Honor of Orlando Shooting Victims

On June 13 2016, i.e., Sunday evening there happened an attach in Orlando gay club. A mass shooting was done against them in Pulse night club a gay club in Orlando. Nearly, the attack claimed 50 lives and 53 people were injured badly. All this happened before the police shoot the gunman who pledged loyalty to Islamic state. In order to show Persians tribute towards the Orlando victims, they lit their prestigious tower Eiffel with rainbow colors.

Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo said that Paris would stand with Orlando and stated in her twitter that “@La TourEiffel should wear rainbow colors in homage to the Orlando victims”

After the attack, the very next morning all the people gathered together outside the monument to pay their respect towards the affected victims. This attack is the deadliest mass shooting in the history of United States of America.

The tribute in Paris is one amongst several vigils worldwide in honour of the LGBTQ community and people who lost their lives and sustained injuries at the Pulse nightclub gay spot, as well as tributes within the United Kingdom and also the United States of America.

Eiffel Tower lit up rainbow colors for Orlando

The French government stated officially on its official twitter account that “France will stand with America #Orlando #Love Is Love and changed the profile picture of that twitter account with United States of America and rainbow flags.

In March 2016, Islamists attacked Brussels twice and killed at least 26 people and the Eiffel tower displayed Belgian colours after that. ABC News rumoured that the monument was lit up as an alternative in rainbow colours and red, white and blue. Elsewhere within the town, rainbow banners were decorated from the noted hotel American state Ville.

Monuments throughout the globe were lit within the colours of the French flag in Gregorian calendar month once a hundred thirty folks were killed in Moslem State attacks on a hall, cafes and a structure

So, by considering these cases the tower cycles through American flag colors and rainbow colors to honor the victims of #Orlando.

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