Efforts on to re-open schools in Jammu & Kashmir

The Central government has raised their concern over the burning down of the schools in the valley. The Centre also believes that the students are losing out on a lot of things because of this. It has been around 110 days since the schools have been shut down. It is because of this reason that the Centre has requested Mehbooba Mufti to look into the matter and suggest changes that can help in the opening of the schools.

The Governor of Jammu and Kashmir N N Vohra also met Home Minister Rajnath Singh and discussed with him the whole situation. They also discussed about the different ways with the help of which they can control the situation and help the schools re-open.

school burned in kashmir
One burned school in the valley.

The schools have remained closed because of the clash between the Separatists of the state and the people living in the valley. The clash is because of the killing of Burhan Wani. He was killed on July 8, since then, the valley is the victim of the clash. Recently, 26 schools were burned down in the valley. And, now it has become really important to re-open the schools. They also want to ensure it to them that the schools will remain protected and a serious attempt needs to be made to protect the schools.

A Home Ministry official said that in the clash taking place, it is only the students that suffer the most. And they also said that they are worried about the future of the students living in the valley and thus it becomes important to re-open the schools.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also worried about the ongoing turmoil in the valley. He is also in support of the re-opening of the schools and believes that it will help the students of the valley.

The State Board of Jammu and Kashmir has also been given the instructions to conduct the board examinations regularly and on time. The dates of the respective board examinations have been set and the state board has been instructed to follow these. It has also been said that the radical forces are trying to force the students to join religious schools, hence denying them the benefits of the modern education.

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