Educationists call for government intervention to resolve crisis in JNTU

In India every year dozens of colleges sprung up like wild mushrooms and the controversies over college affiliation leads to complete confusion. Same happens with Hyderabad University from which every year as many as 180 colleges including the existing one seek affiliation every year for new courses. It has been more than a decade since career of students associated with the university affiliated colleges is under turmoil due to the intensifying row between Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) and private engineering colleges. Its the high time that the government should step in and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

jawaharlal nehru technological university hyderabad
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University and Private Engineering Colleges are standing against each other over pending payment of service fee

The latest reason behind the intensifying row between JNTU and private engineering colleges is the payment of service fee dues worth Rs 60 crore. The conflict has resulted in casting a dark cloud over the fate of thousands of engineering students. All this has forced educationists to call on the government to intervene immediately and resolve the crisis. Another reason behind the entire cat and mouse game is that colleges are so very confident that they will get the clearance easily and innocent unsuspecting students will get enrolled for new courses in hordes.

The latest flare-up over payment of service fee dues worth Rs 60 crore is a controversial issue as this is not a small amount. JNTU has given two reminders to the colleges asking payment of common service fee before October 28. On the other hand, colleges have been busy knocking the doors of government to release money for fee reimbursements.

If the records of last 10 years are to be believed, then JNTU has cancelled affiliation of colleges on the grounds of poor facilities. However the problems till date have remained the same. In the year 2007, the university cancelled affiliations of 12 colleges on the grounds that they do not have adequate number of computers, licensed software, computer labs and other facilities.

In the year 2014, High Court cracked down on 174 private engineering colleges for poor infrastructure. Thousands of students had to wait for months before colleges admitted that they were staring at a shutdown. While the college managements were of the view that any of them did not received show-cause notices before being denied permission to take part in EAMCET counselling. What else? In the present year, few institutions did such a cheap act by getting fake staff list so as to clear the inspections. These all issues continue to plague the education sector.

In lieu of the devastating impact this all will have on careers of students already studying in these colleges, educationists have urged the government to look into the issue proactively and come out with a better strategy for yearly inspections.

The senior officials are of the view, “If in case the affiliation was lost in March-April, students had to wait till September to participate in the second phase of counselling. About eight colleges got back the affiliation after committee’s re-inspection. But many students who had paid lakhs of rupees to get admitted to these institutes, got disillusioned and some even opted out of engineering.”

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